SBIFF will continue its tradition of presenting Festival highlights for FREE at 3rd Weekend as a thank you to the Santa Barbara community for all of its support over the last 11 days.


All screenings are held at the Riviera Theatre at 2044 Alameda Padre Serra.
All screenings are FREE and are treated as first come first served.
There will be no saving spots for others in line or saving seats in the theatre.


Friday February 8th, 2013
7:00 PM – 7 BOXES – Nueva Vision Award Winner
preceded by short film SLEIGHT OF HAND – Bruce Corwin Award for Best Animation Short Film Winner
9:30 PM – THE BODY

Saturday February 9th, 2013
11:00 AM – MORE THAN HONEY – Best Documentary Film Award Winner
2:00 PM – COMING OF AGE – Best International Film Award Winner
preceded by short film HEAD OVER HILLS
4:30 PM – SPINNING PLATES – Audience Choice Award Winner
preceded by short film THE CHEF OF THE LITTLE WASHINGTON
preceded by short film F**K THE PARENTS
preceded by short film BARRIERS – Bruce Corwin Award for Best Live Action Short Film Winner

Sunday February 10th, 2013
11:00 AM – REVOLUTION – The Fund for Santa Barbara Social Justice Award Winner
preceded by short film JUST ADD WATER
preceded by short film DOG EAT DOG
4:30 PM – BABYGIRL- Panavision Spirit Award Winner
7:00 PM – WATER
preceded by short film THE OTHER SIDE


Putting a rarely seen Paraguay on the cinematic map, 7 BOXES brings an inventive, lo-fi ingenuity to the traditional crime thriller. The setting is Asunción, a boiling urban hub that houses chaotic mazes of commercial vendors’ stalls hawking everything from fruit, vegetables and garments to pirated DVDs and cell phones. One sweltering Friday night, seventeen-year-old wheelbarrow carter Victor (Celso Franco) becomes captivated by a Hollywood crime film playing on a television at an electronics stall and fantasizes about finding fame and fortune on the big screen. He wishes for a camera cell phone that he thinks will help him launch his acting career, but business is scarce and the competition among the wheelbarrow carters is fierce. Victor’s prayers seem to be answered when a mysterious man offers him $100 for a seemingly simple task: transport seven boxes to an undisclosed location on the outskirts of the market.

This is a year in Burgundy. French wine importer Martine Saunier acts as a guide in this lush film in four sections—one for each season. The film introduces half a dozen wine-makers. They are artists, whose personalities shape the flavor and style of the wines they lovingly craft. The Morey-Coffinets are three generations of wine-makers and two-year-old Celeste, the first of the fourth generation. Lalou Bize-Laroy, the uncrowned Queen of Burgundy, is the creator of some of the best-renowned and most famous wines on earth. Each vintage is a time capsule, a bottled piece of history of a very specific year, with its particular weather pattern, its crises and its triumphs. The year 2011 went into the bottle and onto film. The grapes grow. The grapes die away. What is left in the film’s frame is a way of life.

For as long as she can remember, Bronx teenager Lena has watched her young man-crazy single mom Lucy waste her time on a series of less-than-perfect boyfriends. Even though she should be paying attention to the neighborhood boys’ flirtations herself, Lena has been spending most of her time being the mother Lucy forgets to be. But when Mom’s latest boy toy quickly proves to be her worst suitor yet, Lena sets up a trap to expose him for the creep she thinks he is. Set in the uneasy but rhythmic streets of the Bronx, this unassuming story of a passionate Puerto Rican family comes to life with authenticity and just the right amount of restraint and naturalism.

Uri and two soldiers are manning a checkpoint in the territories. Two women from the “watch” organization try to interfere. Amidst the women’s screaming, Uri receives an order to close the checkpoint because of a bomb threat.

Legendary playwright, Harold Blumenthal, has died while laughing at his own joke. As the New York theater community mourns the loss, Harold’s estranged younger brother, Saul, is vexed by feelings of angst, regret, jealousy, and an epic bout of constipation. Harold’s shadow also extends to Saul’s second wife, Cheryl, a former starlet in Harold’s plays. The seemingly inescapable media frenzy around Harold’s death fills Cheryl with nostalgia for her years as a young stage actress. Then there is Ethan, Saul’s drug-rep son who is eager to deliver Saul from his predicament. Things take a turn when Ethan catches a mysterious woman named Fiona that weaved in and out of Harold’s life. The deeper Ethan delves into who this woman is, and what her relationship to his uncle was, the more improbably comic the journey to catharsis becomes.

When a night watchman is accidentally killed while fleeing in terror from the morgue where he works, the police are called in to investigate. Discovering that the cadaver of a recently deceased woman has disappeared, they are led to her widower. Over the course of one startling evening, they must uncover the truth behind her death and solve the mystery of her missing body. Twisting together elements of the detective thriller, classic noir and horror genres, this deliciously sly film repeatedly subverts expectations, throwing its audience off-track with surprise plot developments and a wicked sense of humor. The movie’s playfulness and impeccable craftsmanship bring Hitchcock to mind, but this is no slavish homage: director Oriol Paulo is a distinct talent, and clearly one to watch. Hitch would no doubt approve.

Chef Patrick O’Connell’s restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington, is considered one of the best in the world. O’Connell explains his views on American cuisine and shows the inner workings of his kitchen.

Rosa and Bruno thought that at age eighty, they had experienced everything. That was until they met and immediately fell head over heels in love. However, two things stood in their way: Bruno’s routine marriage and Rosa’s life-threatening illness. Despite these difficult circumstances, the two decide to break away – Bruno from his marriage and Rosa from her retirement home. Against the advice of caretakers, doctors and relatives, the pair moves into a new apartment together. COMING OF AGE shows with a great deal of unequivocal humor how society reacts to love among the elderly and proves that no one is too old for young love.

Oliver is madly in love. The love of his life is behind bars. When he discovers a rival for her affections, desperate times call for desperate measures.

When Max gets dumped by his girlfriend, he starts dating the next best thing: her parents.

A husband and wife have grown apart over the years. He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling, and their marriage hangs in the balance.

In Thailand in April 2010, confrontations between anti-government protesters and the army intensify at the time of the Songkran festival, an annual explosion of happiness.

MORE THAN HONEY has all the hallmarks of a great nature documentary. It employs the latest in filmmaking technology to observe phenomena undetectable by normal eyesight; and it leaves us with a sense of wonder and awe mixed with alarm and urgency over the fate of the world’s bees. On the journey, we meet beekeepers, scientists and agricultural entrepreneurs who share their passion and knowledge. Despite years of research, the precise cause of colony collapse remains a matter of speculation. Is it parasites, fungicides, antibiotics, poor breeding, overwork or all of the above? MORE THAN HONEY is distinguished for its international perspective as director Markus Imhoof charts how the bee crisis is being experienced in different parts of the world. In the United States, specialists grapple with a rising population of so-called “killer bees.” In China, farmers now resort to human labor for pollinating crops. In Australia, the island has so far remained free of brood-destroying mites.

A simple soccer ball sparks an unusual friendship between two young boys on either side of the Israeli and Palestinian separation wall. Can this wordless relationship overcome the wall’s towering presence?

Palestinian graduate student Nimr and Israeli lawyer Roy meet at a Tel Aviv nightclub. Their mutual attraction is instant, and they quickly fall in love. Torn between a homeland that would renounce him for his sexual identity, and an Israel that repudiates him for his nationality, Nimr finds a safe haven in Roy, and hopes one day to continue his studies in America. But when his Israeli student visa is suddenly revoked, he and Roy must work feverishly to keep Nimr from being deported. Rarely has the emotional, human toll of the Israel-Palestine conflict been explored in such immediate, affecting and sensual detail as in this debut feature from Israeli director Michael Mayer.

Rob Stewart’s stirring new documentary examines the mortal dangers facing marine life around the globe. Eighty percent of life on earth lives under the sea, a quarter of which lives in or around coral reefs, vital habitats which are themselves beginning to disappear. Travelling the globe to chronicle the efforts being taken — and not taken — to stem the tide of destruction, and plunging into the ocean depths to observe their wonders first-hand, Stewart examines our destruction of our own invaluable natural heritage. Travelling to another failed environmental conference, he angrily dismisses the proceedings as a farce. Yet despite the spectacle of governmental inaction and the terrifying data on marine decline that it relentlessly presents, REVOLUTION is above all infused with a sense of wonder and hope. The underwater photography is breathtaking, capturing the sense of awe that Stewart felt when he first became intrigued by aquatic life as a child. Stewart sees a new face of the movement in the youth who plead with the leaders to do something about climate change and the dangers facing the planet.

This edgy ensemble comedy follows a variety of relationships. Newlyweds with a newborn try to align their baby’s schedule and their libidos. An aloof single mom has a brother who insists that she should get back out in the world. A lesbian couple finds they don’t share the same child-rearing principles. A single dad grows tired of one-night stands. Recent empty nesters wonder if they can find the spark that brought them together. And the wife in the high-powered couple who never planned to have children is now looking to become a soccer mom. Their relationships and ideals will be put to the test with the question: is it possible to have children and a sex life—and is it even worth it?

Sleight of hand: techniques used to manipulate objects to deceive. In this stop-motion film about illusions, a man sculpts a clay image of himself.

SPINNING PLATES is a feature documentary film about three restaurants, extraordinary for what they are today as well as for the challenges they have overcome: a cutting-edge restaurant named the seventh best in the world whose chef must battle a life-threatening obstacle to pursue his passion; a 150-year-old family restaurant still standing only because of the unbreakable bond with its community; and a fledgling Mexican restaurant whose owners are putting everything they have on the line just to make enough to survive and provide for their young daughter. This film features renowned chefs Grant Achatz of Chicago’s Alinea and Thomas Keller of California’s The French Laundry.

In the countryside, a young couple from Tel Aviv has to share a fountain with a group of Palestinian workers, between ancestral fears and hints of solidarity. During the summer, a Palestinian water seller supplies tanks and wells in the Bethlehem area, as it is left dry by the settlers. An Israeli soldier on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a Palestinian peasant who violates curfew to water his watermelons. Together, they try to tame a donkey. A famous actor and his two sons have a particular relationship with their neighbor. An old Arab man manages a swimming pool where we find Palestinian families and bossy Israeli settlers come to invade this space. An Israeli soldier, during a break from his drills, remembers an episode from his childhood. A young and shy orthodox Jew is waiting for her parents to take her to a Shidduch, the meeting to combine a marriage.