Youth CineMedia

For several years SBIFF has partnered with Youth CineMedia, a local non-profit that teaches documentary filmmaking to diverse children, teens and young adults from urban and rural communities, with projects focusing on social justice issues, health and the environment. On the final day of the Festival these films are shown FREE to the public.

#NODAPL: A Journey to Standing Rock
Inspired by the historic gathering of indigenous nations, four young Santa Barbara filmmakers embark on a journey to Standing Rock, North Dakota in support of water protectors and their fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline, reminding us all that…water is life.

Transgender Twins
A pair of twins and other members from the transgender community explore the issues of gender identity, family, hormone treatments, gender confirmation surgery, prejudice surrounding bathrooms and the overall challenges and victories trans people encounter as they help create a more tolerant society, by redefining our social and sexual possibilities.

Organic Roots
Filmmakers take you behind the scenes of a local organic farm and unearth topics ranging from the health benefits of farm to table food, to the importance of respecting migrant workers; as we share a farmer’s vision of how sustainable practices of growing certified organic fruits and vegetables help make our children and our planet stronger.

Fueled by negative stereotypes and false information, up to a million dogs classified as pitbulls are euthanized each year instead of receiving permanent and loving homes; leaving us to ask, how did this beloved animal become America’s most controversial canine?

#Not My President
Local students react in shock and disbelief, before and after the election of Donald Trump, as they cover issues on racism, xenophobia, misogyny, neo-Nazis, Russian hackers, big oil, and what they describe as a conservative right-wing and corporate take over of American Democracy.

Youth CineMedia- 15 Years of Social Justice Films
This retrospective looks at our best films from the last 15 years, with never before seen footage that touches on topics ranging from police brutality, gentrification, gang injunctions, immigrant and LGBT rights, racism, the prison industrial complex, teen suicide, HIV awareness, homelessness, murals, culture, indigenous rights and the environment, including exclusive footage of the Refugio Beach oil spill.

Production Team: Karina Vasquez, Daniel Cornejo Reyes, Nouchee Vang, Ember Condron, Ryan Weitzel, Brittany Goonan, Cole Cantu, Mathew Caples, Zachary Smith, Zheng Xinglue, Michael Bell, Nicholas Teresi, Jake Van Asten, Mathew SweeneyYakop Dighzarian, Gonzalo Rios, Zadkiel Castañeda, Ryan Yeandel, Elias Smith, Josh Lawson and Rafael Bonafe Costa. Youth CineMedia filmmakers from our 15 year retrospective are too many to list here, so we wanted to honor our first group of students in memory Alba Mendoza, who passed away after her battle with cancer. 2002-03 Production Team: Alba Gonzalez (R.I.P.), Maria Coria, Ruben Rodriguez, Steve Saguache, Christian Tack, Sean Murray, Marissa Garcia and Omar Ramos. Youth CineMedia was founded by local filmmaker, activist and educator Osiris Castañeda.