Youth CineMedia

For several years SBIFF has partnered with Youth CineMedia, a local Santa Barbara non-profit that teaches documentary filmmaking to diverse children and young adults from urban and rural communities. YCM films focus on the environment, culture, and social justice issues. On the final day of the Festival these films are shown FREE to the public.


Production Crew & staff: Alara Worrick, Tiffany Thomas, Ivan Vasquez, Madeline Burke, Joseph Demaria, Julia Lee, Marco Mazza, Austin Cantu, Luke Hamann, Ember Condron, Sercan Gulgen, Erica Bosiego, Ida Sjoberg Dahlgren, Victor Sjolin, Alexander Damon, Shea Salisbury and Osiris Castañeda.

Victor Not Victim
A woman’s journey into healing, triumph and truth.

When The Invisible Disappear
Black girls and women are disappearing at an alarming rate, why doesn’t anyone care?

Dreamers: No Human Is Illegal
Santa Barbara DACA recipients share what it’s like to live under a Trump Presidency and the constant threat of deportation from the only place they know as home.

Bear Witness
With 300 animals killed for consumption every second in the US; LA based animal rights activists come face to face with pigs destined for slaughter.

Of The Sea
The story of those driven by their love of the ocean and the balance they strike between surfing, conserving the planet, and harvesting the ocean sustainably.

Slab City
A young filmmaker goes into the heart of California badlands in search of a lawless community built from scratch.

2020 A Year Without War
This documentary follows a young man’s journey to the United Nations and the fight for a world without war.

Always Follow Your Heart
Street musicians share what it’s like to follow one’s passion and purpose while playing heartfelt music for spare change.

Muslim In America
With a hostile President in the White House and endless wars raging in the Middle East, muslims in the US and around the world face an uncertain future.

Bit By Bit
The story of Hearts Therapeutic, an equestrian facility that helps people with physical disabilities discover a new path in life.

Bio Queen
A Bio Queen takes on stereotypes as she tries to make her name in the world of drag.

All For One
Members of the Black Student Union describe their experiences in fighting for justice in an era of white supremacy.

An Athlete’s Voice
Local football players share their opinions of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s fight to raise awareness of police brutality.

My Life With Proteus
An aspiring artist is kept in the confines of his home due to a rare condition that inhibits him to walk freely.