Metropolitan Theatres Corporation (“Metropolitan”) in conjunction with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (“SBIFF”) announce that they have partnered to create The Showcase Film Series (The Showcase) beginning October 2, 2013. The Showcase will be programmed by SBIFF and Santa Barbara cinephiles will be offered exciting and innovative independent films which have not had a theatrical run in Santa Barbara. These weekly gems will be presented every Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Plaza De Oro Theatre located at 371 South Hitchcock Way.

Metropolitan president, David Corwin, stated, “We have a great relationship with the Film Festival and are excited to collaborate and bring more film to the voracious moviegoers of Santa Barbara. There is a lot of independent film that never sees our screens, and The Showcase will provide a great opportunity to expand our offerings.”

SBIFF executive Director, Roger Durling, stated, “For the past eleven years, we’ve dreamed of expanding SBIFF’s voice throughout the year – showcasing independent cinema. We’re so grateful to Metropolitan Theatres for making this a reality to all Santa Barbara film lovers.”

Past screenings have included:
I’m So Excited
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
The Act of Killing
Blue Caprice
In The Name Of
Muscle Shoals
Mother of George
We Are What We Are
The Broken Circle Breakdown
Mr. Nobody
La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)