Marissa is excited about a chance to start a new, independent life. Hired by a Finnish man of North African heritage, Marissa is sent to Germany, where the previously charming man starts to behave threateningly and turns violent. They head to Tunisia, where Marissa is drugged and captured. She is assigned a new identity and is forced into a life of desecration, exploitation, and abuse.BACK TOWARDS LIGHT takes a look into the dark world of human trafficking while telling the story of a survivor bringing her life back together. Marissa believes that one can find a way back into light after a traumatic experience, if only one doesn’t hold onto the anger and resentment. In this dramatized documentary film, the interviews in the film are authentic, and the situations described in the interviews have been dramatized in scenes interpreted by actors.

Directed by Arto Halonen
Produced by Arto Halonen
Written by Arto Halonen
Starring Stella Kylä-Liuhala, Kiumars Zarei, Marissa Jaakola
Social Justice Documentary Competition
Country: Finland
80 minutes
US Premiere