Set in suburban Newfoundland in 1987, Nicole Dorsey’s debut feature is a dreamy account of two converging lives. Fifteen-year-old Jackie is navigating from vulnerable adolescence to impending adulthood. Dennis is a socially inept loner with a volatile dark streak and delusional fantasies of adoring women at his beck and call. Raised by her aunt and living under the cloud of all the failures endured by the women in her family, Jackie finds herself giving in to internal and external pressures in search of her own identity. Her choices leave her speeding inevitably towards Dennis, whose car doubles as a venue for his violent desires.BLACK CONFLUX is a vibrant and stunning debut, one that shies away from conventions common to small-town coming-of-age stories. Exploring womanhood, isolation, and toxic masculinity, BLACK CONFLUX is a bracingly relevant narrative for today. (adapted from Toronto International Film Festival)

Directed by Nicole Dorsey
Produced by Michael Solomon, Mark O’Neill
Written by Nicole Dorsey
Starring Ella Ballentine, Ryan McDonald, Olivia Scriven, Luke Bilyk, Sofia Banzhaf
Independent Competition Sponsored by Panavision
Country: Canada
100 minutes
US Premiere