BY A SHARP KNIFE is inspired by the still-unsolved murder of young student Daniel Tupý by neo-Nazis in Slovakia in 2005. In this compelling film, a father, Ľudovít, loses his son to a ruthless neo-Nazi attack. The perpetrators are arrested, but because of a legal loophole, they are released. Ľudovít then struggles with an apathetic police force, an opportunistic judge, and his guilt over his relationship with his son in a devastating fight for justice.

Directed by Teodor Kuhn
Produced by Jakub Viktorin
Written by Teodor Kuhn, Jakub Medvecký
Starring Roman Luknár, Miroslav Krobot, Ela Lehotská, Marián Mitaš
Jeffrey C. Barbakow International Competition / Crime Scenes Sidebar
Country: Slovakia
89 minutes
US Premiere