In an attempt to escape comfort, reconnect to the natural world, and set a new bar for ocean adventure, twin brothers Casey and Ryan Higginbotham made a decision that would reshape their lives. On March 18, 2016, they embarked on a 2,200-mile paddle from Alaska to Mexico with 18-foot paddle boards. The brothers carried nothing more than two dry bags of gear each and a camera–no support boats, no paddles. Nothing like this had ever been done.Raised with a never-quit mentality, the arch rivals must set aside a past filled with intense clashes in an attempt to grow into a team. Motivated by a challenge of great proportion, BY HAND is a coming-of-age story exhibiting the mentorship found in the natural world, a testament to human potential, and an unspoken promise never to quit on your brother.

Directed by Kellen Keene
Produced by Kellen Keene, Ryan Higginbotham, Casey Higginbotham
Written by Kellen Keene
Starring Ryan Higginbotham, Casey Higginbotham, Jimmy Chin, Kelly Slater, Jamie Mitchell
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Country: USA
68 minutes
World Premiere