SBIFF is happy to be partnering with Youth CineMedia again this year. Youth CineMedia is a local Santa Barbara organization that teaches documentary filmmaking to diverse groups from both urban and rural communities. Founded by Osiris Castañeda in 2002, YCM focuses on creating films that address social justice issues, helping to create positive change through the lens of today’s youth.


Coils and Curls
With styles like box braids, twists, kinks, and coils deeply ingrained in Black culture, what is the history of Black hair and why does cultural appropriation matter now more than ever?
Directed by Sierra Shelton

Defend the Sacred – The San Marcos Foothills
Can community members and local Chumash come together in time to save one of Santa Barbara’s most sacred and beautiful open spaces from development?
Directed by Malakai Castañeda, Mathew Martinez, Mia Sweeney, and Osiris Castañeda

Dreams on Hold
Faced with an uncertain future, a college athlete deals with the repercussions of a global pandemic.
Directed by Sycamore Mitchell

Dreams to Life
This film offers a friendly reminder to embrace the beauty of life and the people around us.
Directed by Logan Flynn

Everything’s for Sale
A series of unfortunate events leads to the start of a clothing line. Will boredom stop creativity during quarantine, or will Rumi flourish?
Directed by JB Packer

La Mexicana Bakery
Family, culture, and food prove that the American Dream is still possible in a legendary bakery in Austin, Texas.
Directed by Yum Cimil

Life on Break
With children kept at home and the death toll climbing, what happens when the world is put on pause due to a worldwide killer virus?
Directed by Vesela Ivanova

The New Normal
Four young adults cope with the new realities of living in a global pandemic.
Directed by Daniela Estrada

Six Feet
A young filmmaker looks at COVID-19 through the eyes of those on Boston’s streets.
Directed by Jan Bloch

The Sound of Thunder
This film examines the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on families and individuals of the community of Maui.
Directed by Ha’ena Balibin