SBIFF is happy to be partnering with Youth CineMedia again this year. Youth CineMedia is a local Santa Barbara organization that teaches documentary filmmaking to diverse groups from both urban and rural communities. Founded by Osiris Castañeda in 2002, YCM focuses on creating films that address social justice issues, helping to create positive change through the lens of today’s youth.


13-Week-Old Scars
This short documentary turns the camera around and shares the story of a filmmaker who, after leaving an abusive environment, finds his passion for filmmaking and connecting with his community.
Directed by Bruce Maldonado

Connected by Water
Relatives from the Coastal Band of the Chumash, Tongva, and Acjachemen tribal nations come together in Syuxtun around the traditional tomol to continue the preservation and healing of their cultures.
Directed by Spenser James, Isaiah Mendoza, Maritza Alvarez, Clara Koch, Osiris Castañeda

Covid Generation
Three college students battle the COVID-19 pandemic in their own ways, figuring out their passions and navigating their lives into an uncertain future.
Directed by Jack Spahn

Defend the Sacred – The San Marcos Foothills
Can community members and local Chumash come together in time to save one of Santa Barbara’s most sacred open spaces from development?
Directed by Malakai Castañeda, Mathew Martinez, Mia Sweeney, Jorge Garcia and Osiris Castañeda

My Tuskegee Airman
Following the story of an American war veteran, an aspiring filmmaker uncovers the story of her great-grandfather who was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen.
Directed by Amara Golden

Rumba All-Stars
Local percussionist Miguelito shares his love for Afro-Cuban music and his dream of creating a historic album with the lost legends of rumba from Havana, Cuba.
Directed by Jorge Garcia, Miguelito León, Clara Koch, Osiris Castañeda

As gun violence against youth of color in Philadelphia reaches historic levels, one man with a similar past confronts the crisis through the power of love, family, and acceptance.
Directed by Faith Frankenfield

The Power of Justice: 20 Years of YCM Films
A highlight reel showcases the past 20 years of social justice films from our diverse group of student filmmakers.