At Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s panel series, highly acclaimed industry professionals come together for lively, informative, and revealing panel discussions. Taking place during both weekends of the Festival, the Lobero Theatre fills with 600+ attendees to hear straight from the mouths of the year’s most notable filmmakers. Ever wonder what it took to make the years greatest films? Come find out!

Directors Panel (Now Outstanding Directors of the Year Award)
Join some of the world’s most renowned directors as they discuss their films, their craft, and their creative challenges. In 2015, the Directors Panel and the Outstanding Director of the Year Tribute were combined into the Outstanding Directors of the Year Tribute.

Writers Panel
Top screenwriters discuss the process of giving life to a film, the challenges that arise on the journey to the big screen, and what it takes to succeed.

Producers Panel
Brings together the industry’s most prolific “doers” to talk about their current projects, hopes for the future of filmmaking, and insights into the creative side of producing.

Women’s Panel
Successful women from all corners of film production, from editing, directing, costuming, casting, production design, and producing, come together to discuss their unique experiences in the film industry.