What running time do you consider a feature film or short film?

Over 40 minutes are considered a feature film. 40 minutes and under are considered short films. This rule is strictly observed.

Do you accept works in progress and rough cuts?

Yes. We will consider rough cuts of films as long as a completed version will be available by the final deadline. Please note that your submission fee will be based on the date your final cut is received.

Can I send in an updated version of a submission I already sent in?

Yes. Please let us know the film is a new version when upload a new screener.

Should I include a press kit?

DO NOT INCLUDE A PRESS KIT. We will request a press kit if your film is accepted.
The information included with your submission application will provide us with all the info we need about your film. We will contact you if we need any additional information.

My film was not accepted last year, can I submit it again this year?

Films submitted in previous years can be resubmitted ONLY if they are new versions of the film.

What kinds of films do you accept?

We accept all kinds of films and are not limited to one genre or another with the following exceptions:
• We will not accept music videos, commercials, PSAs, or promotional films.
• Films that have been publicly broadcast in the United States and/or films that are publicly streaming online prior to the 2022 film festival are not eligible.

Do you provide feedback if a film is not accepted?

Due to high volume of submissions we are unable to provide feedback on individual entries.

Are you an Academy Award nominating festival?

Yes. The short films that win for Live-Action, Documentary, and Animation are qualified for the Academy Awards.

When will decisions be made?

Acceptances are sent out on a rolling basis. Final decisions will be made no later than end of January 13th, 2024.
ALL Filmmakers will be notified via e-mail about final decisions. If no e-mail address is provided, no notification will be sent. We are not responsible for incorrect or nonworking e-mail addresses. Feedback is not available for films NOT selected.

Does SBIFF have any premiere policies?

We prioritize US and World Premieres and this may be a factor in our selection process.

Can I submit multiple films?

Yes. Each film must have its own unique submission number and separate submission fee.

My question isn’t on this list.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at programming@sbiff.org and we will do our best to assist you.