Farideh, a 40-year-old, Iranian-born woman, longs to discover who her real parents are. Abandoned at the age of six months and sent to an orphanage, she was adopted by a Dutch couple and raised in Amsterdam. Her adoptive family had always meant to take her to her birthplace, but they never did, so Farideh does her own search for her birth family and travels to Iran. There she meets three families who claim she is theirs. They all submit to DNA testing which will take a month to complete. During this time, Farideh visits the homes of all three families, establishing a connection with them and learning their stories. What will the results of the DNA test reveal?

Directed by Azadeh Moussavi, Kourosh Ataee
Produced by Azadeh Moussavi, Kourosh Ataee
Starring Eline Farideh Koning
Special Presentations Sidebar, Crossing Borders Sidebar
Country: Iran
88 minutes
US Premiere