Dear Cinephiles,

For this weekend I recommend one of my ultimate favorite films – NOTORIOUS – directed by the master himself Alfred Hitchcock. I’ve seen this gem a multitude of times – and I find great comfort in revisiting it time after time. Yes – there are the cinematic sequences that are breathtaking – like the long kiss – the crane shot into the door key – the big coffee cup – but what I find extraordinary is the careful and detailed portrayal of the very complicated relationships. In particularly – Alicia – portrayed by the luminescent Ingrid Bergman – she’s being asked to make a great personal sacrifice for the good of the world. Does this resonate with you? Add Cary Grant and Claude Rains – and you have an unmissable experience. I urge you to see this classic. We all need to indulge in the notion that our personal sacrifice will be rewarded by unconditional love. I cherish this exchange between a sick Alicia (Ingrid) and Devlin (Cary Grant) …Alicia: Say it again, it keeps me awake. Devlin: I love you.

Stay at home watching NOTORIOUS (Available to stream on FlexFling).