Trubchevsk appears to be the kind of quiet little town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. It is a source of some satisfaction, then, that Anna has managed to keep her affair hidden from prying eyes. Her neighbor is a married long-distance truck driver, and every time he leaves home, Anna seems to be catching the local bus. Her unsuspecting husband believes that she is headed to Moscow for one of her regular trips, but the trucker stops a little further down the road to pick her up. The affair unfolds in roadside hotels, stolen moments, and the promise of a future together. The chickens come home to roost one New Year’s Eve, however, when the truck breaks down far from home.

Directed by Larisa Sadilova
Produced by Larisa Sadilova, Rustam Akhadov
Written by Larisa Sadilova
Starring Kristina Schneider, Egor Barinov, Maria Semyonova, Yury Kiselev
Jeffrey C. Barbakow International Competition, Russian Arcs Sidebar
Country: Russia
90 minutes
US Premiere