OUTLAW is the story of sex and love, rejection and acceptance, passion and depravity – for anyone pushed to the fringes of society, these emotions can often become indistinguishable. A gay 11th-grader struggles to align his burgeoning homosexuality with his desire for acceptance by the mainstream. Outlaw revels in her role as an outsider, and freed from societal restraints, she gives full rein to her basest carnal instincts. Both are trying to win the unrequited love of the most popular boy in the school. Nina is a middle-aged schoolteacher, with secrets in the past that continue to haunt him. The plot switches from present-day Moscow to the Soviet Union in the 1980s, telling the tragic love story of transgender dancer Nina and a Soviet general.

Directed by Ksenia Ratushnaya
Produced by Ksenia Ratushnaya, Veronika Chibis
Written by Ksenia Ratushnaya
Starring Viktor Tarasenko, Evgeny Shwartzman, Gleb Kalyuzhnyy
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Country: Russia
95 minutes
US Premiere