Three men, one place, and one event that will change each of their lives. Taking place entirely within the limited confines of a Polish village road, and effectively unspooling in real time, SUPERNOVA is breathlessly in the moment, a nonstop feat of steadicam camerawork, a veritable cinematic panic attack. A tragic accident devolves into a Rorschach test that everyone is destined to fail: police officers battling back their own emotions in order to keep the peace, a drunkard careening between anger and self-loathing, a shady politician so accustomed to getting off easy that he’s forsaken his own humanity, vengeful townspeople swirling into murderous anarchy. The worse things get on the ground, the more the action whirlpools into an explosive confrontation, and the more this remote village starts to resemble everywhere else in today’s world. (adapted from Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival by Dorota Lech)

Directed by Bartosz Kruhlik
Produced by Ewa Jastrzebska, Jerzy Kapuscinski
Written by Bartosz Kruhlik
Starring Marcin Hycnar, Marek Braun, Marcin Zarzeczny
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Country: Poland
75 minutes
US Premiere