At 60, Bartolomeo has left a career as a sports attorney, his personal life in shambles. He has a gambling problem, causing him to lose both his money and his family. Now he spends his days in the suburban soccer fields searching for the new Maradona, with no luck. One day he receives a phone call from his friend Bruno, who has scouted a very young talent named Pablito in Uruguay. Bartolomeo determines to bring Pabilito to Italy and have him break into the soccer world. Seeing this as the chance to take back everything he has lost, Bartolomeo hopes that Pablito, who dreams of living a better life, could be the good one.

Directed by Vincenzo Marra
Produced by Annamaria Morelli, Marco Belardi
Written by Vincenzo Marra
Starring Massimo Ghini, Ramiro Garcia, Max Tortora
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Country: Italy
95 minutes
US Premiere

In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles