Recently divorced and totally broke, Tato, a childish 50-year-old, is running out of ways to sustain his pleasure-driven lifestyle. With nowhere left to turn, he ends up living with his bedridden mother, Rosa, who is more than happy to give Tato money for cocaine, as long as she gets to yell at him and make him feel worthless. After meeting an old friend who has struck it rich through real estate investments, Tato comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea: sell the family’s historic home behind his bedridden mother’s back. With the help of long-term family servants, Tato conspires to move his mother into a replica of her bedroom, hoping she will never find out her dear home is gone. When she notices the difference, he explains to her that the home is undergoing a restoration, and that soon it will be back to what it looked like before he was born – a better time. Will Tato be able to find the comfort he seeks? How long will it take for Rosa to unveil the farce? Where is there to go when your home is gone?

Directed by Alonso Llosa
Produced by Gustavo Rosa, Sherman A. Brown, Carolina Denegri
Written by Alonso Llosa
Starring Paul Vega, Attilia Boschetti, Delfina Paredes, Muki Sabogal, Pietro Sibille
Spain/Latin America Competition
Country: Peru
94 minutes
World Premiere