Greetings SBIFF Humans,

Watch WALL-E, a clunky old robot, come to life and show us what it really means to be human in this week’s Family Fun Film, “WALL-E.” Earth’s only citizen seems to be WALL-E, a sanitation robot who dreams of making a connection one day. WALL-E suddenly meets a robot named EVE- who is sleek, speedy, and stunning – and he is immediately in Love. But before the two can make beautiful musicals together, an unexpected discovery hurtles her back to a giant spaceship called Axiom. With our activity guide venture with WALL-E following EVE to the ship and set in motion a chain of events that just might put humans back on a healthier path.

“Out there is our home! Home Auto! And it’s in trouble. I can’t just sit here and do nothing.” – Captain McCrae