Youth CineMedia is a local Santa Barbara non-profit founded by filmmaker, activist, and educator Osiris Castañeda. YCM teaches documentary filmmaking to diverse children, teens, and young adults– with projects focusing mostly on social justice issues.

HIV Orphans
Directed by Judson Grosvenor
This short documentary explores an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico where 27 children with HIV try to live a regular life while facing an uncertain future.

Speak Up
Directed by Felicia Bladh
In a world affected by the climate crisis, young people and children use their most powerful weapon to survive —their voices.

The Hardest Pet in the World
Directed by Chase Nunez
A man and a rock made a million-dollar empire, turning the Pet Rock into more than just a social phenomenon.

Directed by Mia Sweeney
After the polo match is over, we are taken behind the scenes to understand how a man’s devotion to horses is what makes it all possible.

Homeless and Happy?
Directed by Lukas Abraham
This intimate look at homelessness in Santa Barbara shows how one man’s well-being and search for happiness are tied to this coastal town.

El Derecho de Vivir en Paz
Directed by Vanessa Munoz Orellana
A filmmaker from El Salvador retraces the steps of three immigrants, exploring the reasons they left their country and the consequences of a brutal civil war.

Directed by Dimitri Fouras
Rock climbing can help people move away from drugs and alcohol and turn their lives around. This documentary simply rocks!

Why You Should Play Dungeons and Dragons
Directed by Taylor Dzukola
Is the tabletop adventure game known as DnD more than just fantasy?

Social Me
Directed by Grace James
This documentary takes a deeper look at the social media phenomenon Instagram and how it’s changed young folks’ perception of themselves and what is real.

Aloha ‘Āina
Directed by Kapono Lizama
A filmmaker returns home to his native Hawaii and tells a story of resistance, from the peaks of Mauna Kea to the University of Hawaii.

Sir Please
Directed by Madison McGovern
Five friends with a passion for music create a band as they are becoming adults.