Sponsored by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin

and Netflix

The SBIFF Film Studies Program brings undergraduate students from all around the U.S. and 30 from the Santa Barbara area to town during the Film Festival, to take part in a packed curriculum that turns the festival into an interactive classroom. Participants get priority access to any of the films, SBIFF’s acclaimed Panel Series, filmmaker seminars, Tributes, as well as intimate Q&As with filmmakers, talent, and other professionals.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the 2021 program will be entirely virtual.

To Apply, you must submit the following:
– Application
– Statement of Intent
– Unofficial Transcript

Santa Barbara County Students are accepted through Santa Barbara City College and will receive complimentary Festival access to select events.
To Apply, you must enroll and sign up for FS108A with Nico Maestu at Santa Barbara City College.

This application is only for students attending college or university in the United States.

If you are a student within Santa Barbara County you must register through the course at Santa Barbara City College.

Participants from the 2020-2021 virtual program year will be rolling over and continuing into this upcoming in-person season in 2021-2022. Applications will open back up in the Fall of 2022.

2021 Participants
Alexandria Hale – Alabama State University
Alexandra Hayden – Belmont University
Benjamin Lee – Cal State Northridge
Braden Wells – Middle Tennessee State University
Brenna White – University of California, Irvine
Cole Marvin, Belmont University
Christine La – University of Minnesota
Claudia Sepulveda – Cal State Northridge
Cheyenne Knapp – Colorado Film School
Desmond Loh – Cal State Northridge
Emiliano Silva – University of Minnesota
Erika Martinez – Cal State Northridge
Felipe Pimentel Carneiro – Cal State Northridge
Helen Aharonian – Cal State Northridge
Jack Nelson – Bowdoin College
Jiaxu Jin – University of Tulsa
Joan Merise – Ohio State University
Jocelyn Gomez – Cal State Northridge
Kaiti Barta – Carnegie Mellon University
Kazuhiro Salvador – University of Hawaii at Manoa
Lucas Anotado – University of California, Irvine
Patience Cox – Ohio State University
Payton Soehn – University Of Central Florida
Rene Marcelle – University of Arizona
Savannah Whisenhunt – University of Minnesota
Shelly Sampon – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Valentina Disacco – University of California, Irvine
William Turner – Middle Tennessee State University
Yunkyo Moon-Kim – Northwestern University
2020 Participants
Ana Mathews – University of Colorado – Boulder
Anna Robinson – Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Beatrice Endler – Scripps College
Chunyang Wang – Swarthmore College
Diana Alanis – Chapman University
Emily Staten – Bowdoin College
Frances Grace Mortel – Eastern Washington University
Helia Gagnon – Yale University
Isabella Chirico – University of Kentucky
Javin Lu – Princeton University
Joshua Contreras – University of Colorado – Boulder
Julianne Kalec – University of Dayton
Kelsey Hodge – Southern Methodist University
Kevin McGee – University of New Mexico
Kyriessa Lane – University of Wyoming
Laura Anderson – University of New Mexico
Liam Parker – University of Alabama
Maram Elnagheeb – Duke University
Michelle Herrera – Western Michigan University
Mina Dibonge – Carnegie Mellon University
Natalie Mosso – University of California, Irvine
Nicholas Lipari – Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Parker Stenseth – University of North Dakota
Preston Blaney – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Roberto Soto – The University of Texas at Austin
Roxanna Stevens Ibarra – University of Arizona
Sarah Hass – Loyola University Chicago
Sebastian Alfonzo – University of Minnesota
Will Hella – Washington University in St. Louis
Xenia Matthews – The University of the Arts
2019 Participants
Alyssa Harden – Drexel University
Ana Zambrana – Univ. of Central Florida
Chukwuma Egbuzie – Clark University
Courtney Green – Yale University
Emma Fuchs – Smith College
Eric Barragan – University of Alaska
Grace Wood – University of Kansas
Grace Zhang – Pratt Institute
Janie Luper – University of Tulsa
Jessie Smith – Wheaton College
John Castro – University of Minnesota
John Gosselin – Middlebury College
Katie Hopkins – Saint Norbert College
Kharrington DeBose – Kansas City Art Institute
Kira Findling – Oberlin College
Lonnae Hickman – DePaul University
Makena Duffy – University of Hawaii
Maricielo Ampudia Gutierrez – George Mason University
Mayra Cruz – University of North Texas
Molly Marcy – Castleton University
Olivia Ek – Emerson
Rachel Ledesma – Chapman
Robert Bushell – Loyola Marymount
Salsabila Nurhidajat – Vanderbilt
Scotlin Francis – Southern Methodist University
Shahriar Islam – Rutgers University
Shoshi Hansen – Wake Forest University
Stacey Ramirez – Texas State University
Wade Scanlan – University of Alabama
William Mai – University of Wisconsin
2018 Participants
Adrianna Fujii – American River College
Alex Brown – Wright State University
Alex Foo – Columbia University
Alexander Wilson – Savannah College of Art and Design
Andrew Luft – University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Andrew Nuno – DePaul University
Angelica Baldelomar Pinto – University of Kansas
Brianna Fisher – Appalachian State University
Charles de Agustin – Rutgers University
Crispin Jay Salapare III – Williams College
Dominic Dotson – Moorpark College
Elijah Solt – University of Northern Colorado
Emma France – Western Michigan University
Jennifer Garcia – University of Texas at Dallas
Jessica Johnson – Chapman University
Jordan Crabbe – Western Kentucky University
Katherine Schomas – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Katie Romanovich – California Lutheran University
Lisa Stemmons – Bradley University
Madilyne Kane – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Mira Winick – UCLA
Navarre Megali – University of North Carolina – School of the Arts
Railey Zantop-Zimlinghaus – Bowdoin College
Reagan Wells – University of Alabama
Sanah Jivani – University of Texas at San Antonio
Sarah Barnett – John Brown University
Satya Hariharan – Clark College
Stefanie Corum – Middle Tennessee State University
Tori Gellman – University of Tulsa
Zain Hashmat – Meridian Community College
2017 Participants
Alberto De La Rosa – Washington University in St. Louis
Alexandra Cherry – University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)
Alina Verenich – Western Kentucky University
Alyssa Belardo – Rider University
Austin Lange – Western Kentucky University
Austin Renna – Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Becca Murdoch – University of Alabama
Deborah McFetridge – Rider University
Eden Palmer – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Emily Allen – University of Oklahoma
Gabriel Carden – University of Alabama
Ian Hawkes – Brigham Young University
Jared Angcanan – Moorpark College
John Shugrue – UCLA
Joseph Carter – Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Keaton Bell – The University of Oklahoma
Keilee Bentley – CSU Fullerton
Kelsey Sharpe – Oberlin College
Kevin Yatsu – University of Oregon
Lydia Scholl – George Mason University
Lydia Smith – Oberlin College
Madeleine Collier – Barnard College
Madeleine Sutka – Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Mia Khoury – Barnard College, Columbia University
Michelle Chu – Oberlin College
Nyree Holmes – California State University of Fullerton
Rachel Barnes – George Mason University
Taylor Ugrinow – University of Hartford
Tuesday Dunn-Blue – Portland State University
2016 Participants
Abney Troutman – University of Oklahoma
Alex Lamb – University of Kansas
Alexandra Schulte – Western Kentucky Univserity
Alexis Bonamassa – Rider University
Brad Nguyen – Moorpark College
Caitlyn Dour – Fairfield Univserity
Cassie Massa – Chapman University
Eliana Pipes – Columbia University
Elizabeth Danna – Fairfield Univserity
Jeris Johnson – Western Kentucky University
Jiayi Du – Chapman University
Joseph McNairy – University of Minnesota
Keaton Bell – University of Oklahoma
Luke Hellyer – George Mason Univserity
Marissa Renteria – University of Southern California
Marni Hoest – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Nicholas Dilullo – Fairfield Univserity
Rachel Kastner – Barnard College
Sarah Keo – University of Washington
2015 Participants
Alex McDonald – USC
Amy Hurwitz – Chapman
Armando Barrios – Cal State Fullerton
Bryce Cyrier – Chapman
Caitlin Manocchio – Chapman
Elius Kim – Chapman
Elizabeth “Hilty” Bowen – USC
Kaeli Lynam – USC
Michael Rodriguez – Columbia University
Robert Smat – USC