The Rosebud Program provides twelve local college students extraordinary insider access to the film industry–and the option to get college credit for it!

Rosebud participants are invited to attend more than 20 sneak preview screenings through SBIFF’s Cinema Society, followed by virtual Q&As and intimate discussions with the filmmakers and talent. Participants also enjoy virtual group discussions centered around filmmaking and film analysis, and can add a research component to earn credit through Roger Durling’s Independent Study course at SBCC.

At this time, due to COVID-19, all screenings and Q&A’s will be virtual.

Participants from the 2020-2021 virtual program year will be rolling over and continuing into this upcoming in-person season in 2021-2022. Applications will open back up in the Fall of 2022.

2021-22 Participants
Angie Sanchez
Stewart Short
Malia Yim
Bailey Lemmon
Darby Naughton
Ian Overton
Gavin Callow
Maggie Kubeja
Hunter Hawkins
Savanna Ramirez
Santi Bailey Musacchio
Matthew Martinez
2020-21 Participants
Angie Sanchez
Bailey Lemmon
Catherine Conmy
Cole Person
Darby Naughton
Dylan Ruebenstahl
Eva Moschitto
Grace Miller
Ian Overton
Malia Yim
Mariana Michaelis
Stewart Short
2019-20 Participants
Avi Laird
Regina Reese
Lamont Stiff
Laura Esquivel
Hailey Higgs
Caitlin Wilson
Laith Mustafa
Errol Sullivan
Zilia Nguyen
Katherine Swartz
Angela Friedman
2018-19 Participants
Ilias Kyriakidis
Joseph Demaria
Isabella Vasquez
Faith Ishiwata
Daoji Yang
Marina Dalarossa
Michelle Dalarossa
Elizabeth Cook
Anita Carraher
Madeline Burke
2017-18 Participants
Dale Reilley
Naum Milyavskiy
Lawrence Gleeson
Nathan Leonard
Alara Worrick
Alexander Wehrung
Jacob Ayers
Kenneth White
Will Huebner
Chris Reilley
2016-17 Participants
Amy Yoo
Camilla Johansson
Claire Rossi
Jackson Belway
Jonathan Skidanov
Lisset Sanchez
Nouchee Vang
Victoria Bruno
Yungshan Yip
Sean Carroll